Recently the data exchange is widely used in the electronic format instead of traditional paper format. The advantages of such development are obvious. It is speed, clearness of the information provided by its manyformats (from texts to video clips and broadcasts online).


But there is one perspective that is necessary for the electronic information field – providing the legal certainty for the electronic data exchange.


Legal certainty is the information characteristics based on software that provide authentication of a person providing the information and his authorities; time stamping; integrity and invariance of the information; impossibility to change or decline the information unilaterally.


Using the electronic signature is the main mean offering a legal certainty. However, this technology is differed between countries and within different legal frameworks. Thus, using the eSignature applications and checking of its validity within one country doesn’t make a problem because it is introduced under a legal framework of one country. But there is a risk of these diverging concepts becoming a barrier to cross border interoperability: eSignature solutions of one country very often don’t meet the requirements of foreign signature solutions and it’s impossible to determine the validity of electronic signature with foreign signature solutions.


To solve this problem the International Association “e-Signature Without Borders” has been founded.


At the present moment the Association with the help of its members can provide the legal document exchange between almost all countries of the European Union, Ukraine and Russia.


Every legal person anyhow connected with IT, the systems of electronic documents exchange, electronic signature applications can become a member of the Association.


The detailed conditions for entry, membership and Association Code are available on inquiry.


We are glad for the new members in the Association and the new possibilities!