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20.06.2014 - Yota will offer a SIM card with NFC and digital signature
The company Skartel (brand name Yota) announced that in the summer of 2014 will offer its subscribers unusual SIM card. As boldly claims the company, the SIM card does not have analogues on the Russian Telecom market.
SIM card Yota is available in three formats simultaneously (standard, micro – and nano-), has a built-in NFC module and support of the electronic digital signature. Card memory – 350 KB, the largest of the currently presented in Russia. Developer map was made by Gemalto is one of the leaders of the European market. To introduce commercial services for customers Yota on the basis of this SIM card, using NFC technology and electronic digital signature, Scartel is yourself.
Built-in NFC module will give Yota subscribers an opportunity to use the smartphone as a Bank card to pay for travel on public transport, and other services that support NFC. The module on the SIM card acts as a security element that stores customer data necessary for the provision of services. However, in contrast to the use of built directly into the smartphone NFC module, customers Yota will be able to freely change smartphones without additional reconfiguration. The only requirement to the device will be the NFC. About the beginning of sales of SIM cards Yota will be announced additionally.
Recall that the operator Yota launched a mobile voice services in the spring of this year. Mobile voice feature on the model of the MVNO (mobile virtual network connection) on the basis of the MegaFon network.